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Operation Fly North Carolina

Q: What is Operation Fly NC?

A: In a nutshell this program promotes; flight proficiency, flight safety and tourism.

Watch the video to see how Operation Fly NC works:

Q: Why become a sponsor?

A: Besides the winning concept, Operation Fly NC pilots; buy fuel, rent automobiles, seek lodging, provide "operations" (take-off's and landings) to airports, pay tie-down fees, rent aircraft, get aircraft maintenance, explore business opportunities and more. In fact, a couple of years ago we calculated the approximately forty pilots that completed the program (or part) spent over $75,000 on fuel alone.

Q: I'm sold, how do I become a sponsor?

A: There are three levels of sponsorship; Gold, Silver and Bronze similar to our pilot award levels.

Gold Level Sponsorship: $3,500
Incudes a large logo on the Operation Fly NC website,
official booklet and via slide at select aviation safety events

Silver Level Sponsorship: $2,000
Medium logo on website, booklet
and via slide at select aviation safety events

Bronze Level Sponsorship: $500
Organization name in text on the website, booklet
and via select aviation safety events

*To get started contact TC FREEMAN at (919) 619-6828. Sponsorship funds are handled by our prize distribution co-sponsor, NC Airport Association.

Operation Fly NC Award Winners (L to R) Robert "Bob" Oglesby and Jay Darmstader


Gold Level

Bronze Level

Special Thanks to

NC Airports Association

for prize contribution and distribution

Questions? Contact TC FREEMAN, (919) 619-6828

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