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Notice: It has been reported that many of the "self inking" stamps are running out of ink and you can help. In the past have suggested bringing a small bottle of ink (bought from an office supply store) to ensure a good tranfer. According to one of our pilots the stamp can be depressed half way down and inked can be placed on the internal ink pad. The great part about doing it this way is that it re-inks the stamp for many pilots that follow. Talk about team-work! Prior to this idea we have added some separate stamp pads to the to the stamp cases or replaced them with stickers.  

*Most of the stamps will be located behind the Fixed Based Operators (FBO's) customer service desk. Here is a list of the airports where the stamp will be located in an alternate location:


  • Brevard, NC ~ Transsylvania Co. Airport (22W). Important: Due to litigation the airport is now considered Private Use/Private Owned with several restrictions. Please contact Randy Bagby, Airport Mgr. (828) 877-5801 for a required briefing and permission to fly into the airport. Arrival/Departure procedures can be found at:   (click on the "arrival procedures link).
  • Cape Hatteres (HSE) ~ Billy Mitchell Airport. Stamp is located in the "open access" area beside the WX Monitor Screen (cubby area).
  • Grays Creek (2GC) The FBO has non-standard hours, please call ahead. We are working on getting stamps for the flight school at this time.
  • Greensboro, NC ~ Piedmont Triad International Airport (GSO). The stamps at one of the FBO's was reported as missing. After a site visit (11/29/2013) it was discovered that they were in the drawers facing the customer (customer service rep perspective) at Landmark (in clear plastic pencil box) and Atlantic Aero (stamp without box) FBO's. 
  • Greensboro, NC ~ Southeast Greensboro Airport (3A4). Stamp located in an "Operation: Fly NC" mailbox to the right of the blue main office hangar (front side of building, end of sidewalk).
  • Engelhard, NC ~ Hyde County Airport (7W6). According to the local contact (April 2014) the stamp was being used by some of the locals to graffiti some of the structures at the airport. Therefore, the stamp has been placed inside the FBO building and can be accessed after hours. The code to the building is 12 and the stamp is sitting on the corner of the desk closest to the door.  
  • Kill Devil Hills (FFA) ~ First Flight Airport, Kill Devil Hills, NC. The stamp was lost but now it is back! This is odd because it seems this has happened a couple of times. 

  • Maxton, NC ~ Laurinburg-Maxton Airport (MEB). The original NOTAM is invalid due to the Coke machine, where the stamp resided, has been removed. Please note the FBO has non-standard hours. We are working on installing a mailbox or other outside accessible location for the stamp.
  • Ocean Isle Beach ~ Odell Williamson Regional Airport (60J). Stamp located in mailbox between the self serve fuel pump and the FBO.
  • Ockracoke, NC ~ Ocracoke (W95). Stamp is in building (enter standard VFR transponder code for access). Look in pilot computer desk.
  • Raleigh, NC ~ Raleigh-Durham Intl Airport (RDU). The TAC Air stamp has been replaced with a booklet of stamps that reside in the third draw down on the left (customer service rep position) in a manila envelope with a large OP: Fly NC logo.
  • Richmond County Airport, Rockingham (KRCZ). We will contact the airport manager about re-locating the stamp to the unlocked portion of the FBO which has an access code of the numbers one through five.
  • Rutherfordton, NC ~ Rutherford County Airport (KFQD). The stamp has been found and put to use stamping visiting pilots booklets. (Updated: Feb. 18, 2015)
  •  Shelby, NC - Cleveland County Regional Airport (KEHO) have created a special area in the preflight planning room for the rubber stamp. Look for the framed noticed for OP Fly NC with the stamp box located just below on the counter. (03/24/2015)

  • Siler City, NC ~ Siler City Municipal Airport (KSCR). Stamp is in a mailbox with a Fly NC logo on a column outside the door to the FBO, so it can be accessed anytime. (Updated: 01/12/2015, re: airport identifier change)
  • Star, NC ~ Montgomery County Airport (43A). Stamp located in an "Operation: Fly NC" mailbox.
  • Tarboro, NC ~ Tarboro - Edgecombe Airport (ETC). Stamp located in the small pilots lounge building, in the middle desk drawer.
  • Wadesboro, NC ~ Anson County Airport (KAFP). It's been reported that the stamp is a little light on ink, we will add a stamp pad ASAP or re-ink for the next person. Otherwise the building code access is the unicom frequency.
  • Waxhaw, NC ~ Waxhaw, JAARS Townsend Airport (N52). The stamp was reported as missing but airport officials state it is hidden but definitely in the telephone box by the hangar door (11/30/2015). Apparently area youth have been interested in the phone box and airport officials decided to better conceal the stamp so it doesn't "walk off." For security gate access please call the office at 704.843.6220 .
  • Williamston, NC ~ Martin County Airport (MCZ), . Stamp located in an "Operation: Fly NC" mailbox to the right side of the stairs to the FBO.
  • Wilson Industrial Airport (W03) ~ The stamp has been replaced and is located in the FBO. (Update: 11/30/2015)


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