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Operation Fly NC



                                                          ATTENTION PILOTS:

    If you decide to accept the mission you will be rewarded. 


Fly to North Carolina’s public-use airports.
Visit North Carolina aviation museums.
 Attend pilot safety seminars.


 Order an official booklet by emailing TC FREEMAN,

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Below are the requirements for each level:

Gold Level: Fly to all 81 participating airports, attend four pilot safety seminars and visit four museums.

Silver Level: Fly to 60 participating airports, attend three safety seminars and visit three museums.

Bronze Level: Fly to 30 participating airports, attend one safety seminar and visit one museum.

Mission Objectives: To promote flight proficiency, education and tourism in North Carolina!

PIREPS About Operation: Fly NC

"Operation Fly NC gave me an excuse to fly again!" ~ John P.

"I was totally unaware of the diversity of the beautiful State that I call home." ~ Mark A.

"I found out that Operation Fly NC was not about flying to airports,
it's about the people you meet along the way." ~ Perry R.

Pay what you want to support Operation Fly NC!:



* November 30, 2015 ~ The JAARS/Waxhaw Airport (N52) stamp has been located! Airport officials have hid the stamp inside of the telephone box to keep it from "walking off." Added to the "Stamp NOTAMS."

* September 12, 2015 ~ The NC Airports Association donates $1,000 to Operation Fly NC for the purchase of pilot prizes. We want to give a "shout-out" to the association for the kind donations that benefits the communities, airports and pilots across the state.

* February 5, 2015 ~ Due to the many questions from pilots in other States we have created a three article series titled, "Creation of an Airport Visitation Program" to help others create an aviation legacy (click here to see the first of three articles).

* December 29, 2014 ~ We are working hard applying for grants to boost our prize supply.

* July 21, 2014 ~ 
 Great News! Special thanks to the Piedmont Aero Club for a kind donation to the Operation: Fly NC program.

* June 12, 2014 ~ Program Expansion! While the details are "Top Secret" at this point look forward to exciting new information regarding the expansion of the Operation: Fly NC program!

SPONSORED BY:                                  


Executive Flight Training (David Williams, Flight Instructor)

FINANCING IS AVAILABLE!  Check out the website for more information.
To book a flight call 1-888-831-0821
Or Email us at:


Piedmont Aero Club, Greensboro, NC (link) 

Special Thanks:

North Carolina Airports Association (link) (link)

*To order an Offical Operation: Fly NC booklet
or for questions email TC Freeman (click link).

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