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OP: Fly NC FAQ's

Q: What should I do if the FBO personnel doesn't know about Operation: Fly NC and the "official stamp?

A: Think of it as a treasure hunt and ask the customer service representative to open up the various drawers behind the service desk. The stamp should be in a clear pencil box. Due to lack of communication some employees are not aware of the program.
Q: What happens if I can't get my booklet stamped at an airport or museum?

 A: You can take a picture of yourself in front of the airport sign, FBO or a door with the FBO/airport name. Print your picture(s) and place it in your booklet (online albums are also acceptable).

Otherwise, you can get a signature (plus printed name) of a person (with contact phone number) that happens to be at the airport at the time of your arrival.
Q: Do I have to attend a "live" seminar for the safety seminar portion of the Operation: Fly NC program?

 A: You can receive credit also from online courses such as offered by; AOPA Air Safety Institute (ASI) and other pilot safety organizations. Simply print the completion certificate and attach it to your booklet.
Q: Can you guarantee that I will receive a prize?

A: Unfortunately not, but we will put you on a waiting list if the prize stock is low. In the duration a certificate will be sent out recognizing the specific level accomplishment. Prize distribution is dependent on funding so there is a remote chance the awards won't be given out. 
Q: What if my question is not answered in the FAQ's?

A: Contact,

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