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TC FreemanAviation Safety Specialist, WingsOfun*

The analysis of any flight should include both the performance parameters of the aircraft and the capabilities of the pilot. The net effect is the ability for the pilot to plan a successful flight with a good margin of safety built in. This presentation uses “real life” scenarios with associated risk factors and opportunities to increase safety.

TC will also discuss the techniques that can be used to maximize pilot proficiency in the shortest, most efficient amount of time.

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Helicopter Rescues RC out of the Trees (referenced at time marker :50). Update (Feb. 2015): This video is called "Helicopter Fishing" and unfortunately is not the clean "edited" version (curse words throughout) that we originally linked. If you find the edited version please send us an email and we will swap it out.
Task Saturation During Phases of Flight (source: FAA):

Audio presentation: 23 minutes
Correction: Aviation safety data referenced in hours, not miles (time marker 6:42). 
Scud Running Bonanza Flight in California, USA (time marker 18:40): Update - Removed from YouTube


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The government budget issues resulting in proposed air traffic control tower closures has gained new interest in flying safely into non-towered airports Pilots. In this audio presentation Aviation Safety Specialist,
TC Freeman discusses issues such as; straight-in approaches, traffic pattern entry from the opposite of side of the airport, mid-air-collision avoidance, right-of-way issues and more. 


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